The Sims Life Stories

The Sims Life Stories

The game is a version of The Sims 2 optimized for laptops
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The Sims Life Stories is the first game of a series called "The Sims Stories" where you are able to live the life of your Sim in a pre-designed history or can create your own history playing in the classical way.

It has at least 20 new objects and at least 70 new walls and floors to the game. In the game you have a choice to play either two pre-set stories or to just play the classic mode (the original The Sims 2). The first story deals with Riley, a Sim who just moved to Four Corners (the new city) to start a new life. In her story you follow the goals the game sets for you to start her life. The goals include things like get a job, fall in love, meet new friends, etc. The more goals you complete the more objects you unlock. There are about 12 all new objects to the game that you can unlock using Riley and her story. Much like Riley the other Story is about Vince and his love life...or lack of. You follow the goals to try and find the love of his life. Also unlocking about 12 new objects on the way.

The game is a version of The Sims 2 optimized for laptops and lower-end desktop computers.

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